Frequently Asked Questions


What is a rank tracker?

A rank tracker allows you to monitor your website's indexation on search engines. Thus for each of the keywords you define, the software look up for the keyword and records the position which your website is located at on search result pages. This action is repeated regularly so as to measure its evolution.

What types of links do you track?

Until now, SerpCat tracks only natural search results. The following search result types are excluded from our tracking:

  • Paid links
  • Sitelinks
  • Local search results (Google Maps)
  • Images
  • Rich snippets

We plan to make our software evolve, in order to take into account these specific types of results in the future.

What is a campaign?

A campaign allows you to associate a website (most likely, yours) to a search engine and set-up how requests are sent to that search engine.

Tip: you can create two campaigns or more for a single website, for example, each one on different search engines, or one for mobile devices and the other one for computers.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a request that SerpCat sends for you ro a given search engine, in order to define which position your website is located at on the search engine results pages for that request.

What is a competitor?

A competitor is a website different than yours, which is competing with you on the search engines results pages on the same keywords.


How to update my password?

You can reset your password at any time, by going to your profile page, "password" tab.

I have forgotten my password. How to get it back?

If you have forgotten your password and you can't log in, you can ask for a new one at any time, from the password reset page. An e-mail containing a link will be sent to you. All you need to do is to follow this link to generate a new password.

How to delete my account?

You can delete your account at any time, from your account edit page, "Delete" button at the bottom left of the page. To do so, you must have previously cancelled your subscription and be the owner of your account.

Tip: this action cannot be reverted. It will prevent you from logging in to the site.


Why do I have to confirm my e-mail address?

To limit spam, and being able to communicate with you, you need to provide a valid e-mail address. While registering, we send you a confirmation e-mail. All you need to do is to follow the link included in this e-mail, to confirm your e-mail address.

I haven't received any confirmation e-mail. What can I do?

If you haven't received any confirmation e-mail just after having registered on the website, wait for a few minutes, and check your spam folder. If after that time you still haven't received anything, you can trigger the confirmation e-mail sending again by clicking on the "Confirm" button, from your account page. A new e-mail will be sent to you. All you need to do after that is to follow the link sent in this e-mail.

What is the notification e-mail?

The notification e-mail is sent to you automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (according to your preferences).

The notification e-mail contains the following items:

  • A summary of your keyword rankings evolution.
  • Important communications from product updates, announcements, published articles, etc.

How to e-mail opt-out completely from

You can choose to not receive anymore e-mails from us at any time. From your profil edit page, check the box "Do not receive any e-mail from".


What happens at the end of trial period?

You will lose adantages provided by the plan you have chosen and you will have to provide your payment information to keep using the software.

How to change my subscription?

You can update your plan at any moment from your account billing page, "Plan" button. You must be the owner of the account to do so.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, from your account page, "Stop subscription" button at the bottom left of the page.

Tip: you may choose between cancelling your subscription at the end of the current billing period or immediately

What payment means do you accept?

We accept the following credit card brands: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and 3D Secure. Payments are secure and processed by our financial partner Stripe.

If in spite of our efforts, your question isn't listed here, feel free to read the full documentation or to ask us directly.