How is my website ranked on Google in the UK on mobiles today?

A fully-featured rank tracker

Detailed comparative table exemple between SerpCat and its competitors on the keyword "rank tracker". SerpCat competitors suggestions

Automated Tracking

Your keywords are tracked every day at the time of your choice.

Receive a daily/weekly/monthly report directly into your inbox and keep up-to-date with your SEO rankings.

Receive an instant notification as soon as an important change is detected.

Competitive Analysis

Get comparison charts and data and how you rank against your direct competitors.

Preview SERPs for more detailed insights.

Keyword Research

Our algorithms detect new keywords for you so that you never miss an opportunity.

We get the monthly search volume for each of your keywords and opportunities.

An accurate rank track

Search Engine Choice

Select among more than 250 search engines from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Add a search engine language criteria of your choice for more precision.

Localized Search

Our requests are performed through proxies located all around the globe.

Proxies are automatically chosen according to your campaigns' settings.

Mobile Tracking

Target mobile devices or computer devices.

Customize browser headers: select among a huge list of pre-selected values or use your own browser settings.

Campaign "" set up page on the search engine Google France. SerpCat rank tracker edit campaign

A rank tracker all-services-included

PDF export of's campaign report over the last 30 days. SerpCat campaign report

Data Export

Share your campaign's chart and SERPs data to a PDF file in a single click.

Share your reports to your own clients thanks to white-labelled reports.

Or export your complete detailed SERPs data into a CSV file.

Web Support

Contact SerpCat's highly reactive support team whenever needed.

We will reply to your request within 2 business hours.

Multi-users Account

Give access to other stakeholders within your organization.

Define roles for each one of them to give "edit" or "read-only" access.

API Access Soon

Access to your SERPs data direclty into your system through a dedicated JSON API.

Priced according to every need

Billed annually 2 months free
For business owners


5 campaigns
200 keywords
10 competitors per campaign
€19 / month
No credit card required
For companies
Best value


20 campaigns
1,000 keywords
20 competitors per campaign
€49 / month
For SEO professionals


100 campaigns
5,000 keywords
50 competitors per campaign
€119 / month

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Keywords tracked every day
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